about us


We are a family business - a mother-daughter business to be precise! Our point of difference is our passion for good customer service and ability to explain things in simple terms without overwhelming customers with technical jibberish. We love the newest technology and finding ways to help our clients save their hard-earned cash. 

Established in 1986, Copyco Australia started out as a carbon paper and printer ribbon supplier, hence the name 'Copyco'. Fast forward to 2019 and we now stock over 10,000 products in a B2B format, specialising in everything from printing consumables to printer servicing and point of sale product. 

We understand our customers are busy, so we make it our business to keep their offices printing seamlessly so they can focus attention on what is important to them. As our logo suggests, we strive to attain an infinite, long term relationship with clients, rather than a once-off online sale.

Our unbiased brand perspective and extensive product knowledge enables us to recommend the most suitable products for each office from the outset, to ensure maximum productivity. In short - when it comes to your business, trust us to make the right decisions for your office printing needs so that you can focus on the bigger picture.


meet the team

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  • Katie Kelly LinkedIn

Katie Kelly

Account Manager

Katie enjoys visiting her customers and handing over lots of goodies when it comes to promotion time! She loves finding ways to add value to the way businesses run, through new technology and printing ideas. 


Katie nurtures client relationships through simplifying information and supplying tailored, adaptable printing solutions within each office, large or small.


Client visits are Katie's favourite part of her job and she would love to come and see you to discuss your printing needs!

  • Denise Holdsworth LinkedIn

Denise Holdsworth

Account Manager


Denise’s specialty is breaking down the IT language barriers for customers and sourcing the newest and most effective products. 

With a 30 year career in the printing industry she enjoys keeping abreast of technological advancements and sharing these with her clients.

Denise has extensive experience in dealing with government, education and corporate sectors and is passionate about reducing their bottom line when it comes to the purchase of their essential office requirements.